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WCL was founded in 2007, as a quality manufacturer of paper products, photo albums, scrapbooking albums, stationery and storage units etc. We have grown to be known due to our high quality standard, rapid service response and fair prices. In the last 10 years, our service has widely spread across the globe from Asia to North America and Europe providing millions of products to most of the retailers around the world, for the people to store their precise moment in life.


At WCL, we have a strong passion for our products. This drives us to strive for the best production that we can produce. The best service that we can provide and at the minimum cost that our customer can afford with semi and full automation in our factory. 


In order to become a responsible manufacturer to the world, to comply with the code of conduct with all customer’s requirement must be necessary. Furthermore, we have become FSC certified factory in 2019. 

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WCL solely owned factory is located in Dongguan, Guangzhou Province the heart of manufacturer city. With a 80000 sq.ft. of production facility in house, hosting around 100 workers to produce a full range of paper related products including all kinds of photo albums, scrapbooking albums, journals, writing pads, record books, paper storage units, and other packaging products for the market.

  • Photo album

  • Scrapbooking album and crafting items

  • Stationery

  • Storage box

  • Packaging items / other

Factory Information

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